Friday, 11 May 2012

Fistfull of special characters

The first character is a Dark Angels one. The idea was I wanted to make a character who is inspired by the shaolin monks, rather than the teutonic monks. Basically the idea is that he lets you use scouts as troops, which should typically be armed with two close combat weapons, or in this case modeled without the weapons to represent bare fisted murder. On his own he's not to impressive, but he makes anyone he fights even worse! I've been watching Jackie Chan movies the last few days, and although I got the idea a long time ago, it's been hard to not give Qui some ridiculous fish-club attacks or something....
Qui Lang of the Jade Devas

Qui Lang6544353104+

-Carapace Armour
-Bolt pistol Pistol
-The (super)human body (counts as two close combat weapons)
-Krak and frag Grenades

Special rules:
-Chapter tactics
-Vexing assault
-Uncanny reflexes
-Fists of Fury

Chapter Tactics: A dark angels chapter that include Qui Lang may include units of scouts as troops.

Vexing Assault: Uniquely skilled at close combat, Qui Lang can knock any weapon out of his foes hands, and can avoid any armed attack with the deftest skill. Any blows landed on him are more likely than not to be hits of opportunity. Any enemies attempting to attack Qui Lang may not use weapon to do so, and thus does not gain the benefits imparted by any arms, nor do they count as having two close combat weapons. The model may be coated in butter to represent this rule.

Uncanny reflexes: Qui Lang has a 4+ inv. Save

Fists of Fury: Qui Lang alone has a talent for circumventing armour, snapping bones through ceramite plates or simply shattering hardened metals with sheer force of will that borders on the supernatural. Qui Lang's close combat attacks are 'Rending'

FINISH HIM!: As Imotekh's 'Humiliating defeat'

I was thinking 125 points for him, but that's soft.

I randomly decided to make a Salamanders character. I was going to make him a regular one, but I decided to make him from a successor chapter. Magmon, and the Vesuvian Martyrs are bot working names. Pretty much all aspects of this are in malleable, but I'm pretty much done with him. The idea was to make a priest from a chapter where all of the Psykers are part of the chapter's priests too, so he has oratory and librarian skills. Originally I was gonna make him a Epistolary, but I decided I didn't want to make yet another overly talented character. I was thinking the spells wouldn't necessarily be unique to him in the chapter, and if I ever finish my space marine fan codex, they might make it in as Salamander spells. The cost is very roughly done, and he's a very support oriented character, so I'm not sure what a good price is.

Magmon, first pyritian priest of the Vesuvian Martyrs

Magmon of the Vesuvian Martyrs

Qui Lang5444242103+

-Power armour
-Mastercrafted Plasma Pistol
-Obsidian Wand (a Witchblade that wounds on a 3+)
-Krak and frag Grenades

Special rules:
-Independent character
-Liturgies of battle
-Honour of the Chapter

Psychic powers:
-The Avenger
-Machine Curse
-Ashen rain (That shield thing space wolves and BA have)
-Might of Ancients
-Sculpt Flame
-Unfetter Flames

Sculpt flame: The psyker channels his affinity for the flame and changes it from a mere symbol to a living being. The fires snake out across the battle field to swallow whole their prey, or coalesce into the shape of the Martyr, who throws himself upon the foe with the fervour of his final act.

If this power is used at the beginning of the shooting phase. The player controlling Magmon chooses one of two effects, either extending the range of all flamers within 12” of Magmon by 6”, or using a shooting attack with the following profile:

S:4 AP: 5 Range: Template Assault (X)*

If this shooting attack is used, none of the flamers within 12” of Magmon at the time this power was used may be fired in the same phase. 'X' is the number of flamers within 12” of Magmon

Unfetter flames: The Priest calls out to the sprites of flame that are enslaved for evil purpose, and calls them to rise up against their masters. Meltas and flamers sputter their fuel, and flames riot and writhe, breaking from their confines, breaking the walls of their prisons, consuming their heathen slavers.

Used at the beginning of the controlling player's shooting phase. Melta and flamer weapons (or any similar weapon that mentions 'fire' or flame in its effect, use your common sense!) fired from within 18” of Magmon suffer from the 'get's hot!' rule

Firewall: With a grand gesture, fire spreads in a line heading in either direction before the caster, forbidding would be assailants, consuming the unwary, and granting time to the psyker's allies.

This power is used at the beginning of the enemies assault phase, before charges are declared. The psyker and his unit gain the counter attack special rule. In addition, any unit assaulting the psyker's unit counts as if they have moved through difficult, and dangerous terrain.

Raw cost: 175
Final cost: 165

Any tips or feedback for these characters? One of my friends said he'd like to use the Salamander one, but I hope it's not because he's too beardy!

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