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Feed my eyes: The Necron Pariah

 Amongst the ruling caste of the Necrons, nigh immortal as they might be, all must die, just as all must serve. The Necron race may be stagnant, but even they seek to replace their losses with fresh boil, or oil as it were.
Their race needs but a trickle of recruits to sustain themselves, and amonst the lower Necrons they need only be harvested from the primitives of the galaxy, and interred in bodies of necrodermis for service, with runic arcane circuitry binding them to a service and lord of which they may never fully be aware.
Foremost amongst these recruits are the pariahs, outcasts of both their race and the Necrons alike, for though they might share the same form as their overlord, their birth was not of the Necrontyr. Throughout the millenia Necron dynasties have sought out servants to replace those nobles lost in combat, and to rejuvenate their lost sciences and pursuits.
Champions, as they are called, were great warriors in their mortal life, so much so that they attracted the notice of the iron gods, who visited after the warriors time of great achievement, promising immortality and unlimited foes in the sea of the cosmos. Some champions were instead chosen by blood tournaments, gladiatorial fights or terrible sports in which the victors were elected for sacrifice to the iron gods. Though their races may be as diverse as their method of election they all have one thing in common: immense skill at arms, so much that the gods themselves intervened.
Liches are instead scientists, alchemists and scholars who were taken from their worlds, their brilliance having revolutionised or driven continents into madness and decay. Some have created poxes, and diseases that left them the sole inheritors of their nations, and others merely discovered some primitive aspect of the universe, in an even more primitive culture. All are remade, programmed with basic Necron combat techniques, and the understanding of creation. Their drive and spirit for science is what the Necrons desire, not the worthless discoveries they've made, as Necrons may have immensely powerful techno-science, for their ambition has been long dead. What a cryptek may achieve in centuries, a pariah liche may in years as fire of creation burn low in the hearts of the ancients.
Amongst the most foul of the pariahs are the Nulls, those whose spirits whirled with a death miasma even before their mummification. In life they were cursed and driven away from others for their palpable evil that withers any with a soul. So they are called to the souless legions, whether they are some quirk of evolution taken advantage of, or some terrifying evidence of xenos investment in mankind is not clear, and Emperor willing, will never be so.
It is very common for Pariahs to be seen leading units of immortals. It has been theorised that these are actually colleagues from their past lives, servants, or other failed champions from whichever contest they entered, though the concept of such sentimentality is a queer one amongst the Necrons.


WS BS S T W I A Ld. Sv.
Pariah: 50 points 4 4 4 4 2 3 2 10 4+

-Necroshell (4+ armour save)
-Hyperphase sword (Power Weapon)

Special rules:
-Independent Character
-We'll be back (May make 'Feel No Pain' checks regardless of AP values or 'Instant death')
-Feel no pain (5+)

May take one of the following doctrines, for the listed cost
     -Champion (+2 WS, +1 BS,+1 I, +1 A)... 20 points
     -May exchange Hyperphase sword for:
     -Voidblade...5 points
     -Warscythe...15 points
     -If warscythe is not chosen, may have a dispersion shield...25 points
-Lich: May choose from a cryptek's basic schools (to be expanded upon)...10 points
-Null: psychic powers used on the Pariah or his unit automatically fail, force weapons cannot instantly kill him... 10 points
     -Can take gloom prism... 15 points
     -Replace Hyperphase sword with Warscythe with incorporated gauss blaster... 30 points

-May exchange Hyperphase sword for:
-Gauntlet of fire...Free

May take any of the following:
-Ressurection Orb... 30 points
-Reinforced Necroshell (+1T and +1S)... 15 points
-Immortal Carapace (3+ save)... 10 points

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