Tuesday, 6 January 2015

HQ choices

Kaptain's log: Star day: fourteen:

"Mistah Kaptain, we gotz uz a boger on da blippa!" Gerdy, the helm's grot chimed in excitedly.  

"On screen, Sprok"

A series of electronic chirps followed a couple of button presses and switch flips, and then a static filled image faded onto the bridge's vision port.  

"It's an 'umie ship, Kaptain!" a stray grot who wandered onto the deck toddled half onto the rail before the Kaptain's chair.

"I see dat, ya git!" Smakritz yammered, and hammered his fist down on the offending grot, doubling him over the rail and onto the deck below. "Blast dat skiff outa da space, den set coursa fer day humie planet."

But boss, we don't wanna break da ship, dere's some good bitz dat I sees right now! Morbitz protested " And dad boyz is wanting fer a fight, for nine dayz they has." 

"Aye, but where dere's one 'umie, dere's more me boy, and more loot ter be 'ad!"  He hefted his bulky, warboss frame into the Kaptain's chair again.  'Elm's boy, 'ide our approach behind da second moon, we'll take 'em in the night.  Morbitz, see da boyz below dekkz, an get 'em ready; set yer dreddz ta: stompy. 

He turned to the intercom relay grot behind him and said: "All power ter da engines"

"All power ter da engines" the gretchin shouted through a copper pipe.

"'Ere we go!"

SO here are a couple of models from... years ago now, wow, that I never got around to uploading.   These are some of my first attempts at completely making models from the ground up in terms of kitbashing, and while I didn't like the convertion results too much, I had fun painting the Big Mek.

Big Mek with: Kustom force field, Big choppa, 'eavy armour, and cybork bitz

The konvurshun started on a Nob, and worked from there.  I added bitz, to establish the mek's preoccupation with material, and fashioned him some features like the goggles, and cog-hawk hairdo.   Most of the KFF's apparti are kustom built, though they include parts from an array of kits.

Warboss with: Mega Armour, da shiny shoota,  and cybork bitz

This Warboss was one of my fairly recent attempts at scratchbuilding, being over a year old, but as a perfectionist looking at it makes me cringe and burn it in a fire.

The conversion was inspired by Albert Wesker as featured in resident evil five, and his over the top antics.  The model is based on the Assault on black Reach  Warboss kit, and features scratchbuild... everything; minus hands, head, boiler.

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