Sunday, 11 January 2015

Army I: Da Boyz

Not actually my first army, as it happens, but the first I'll categorise in this blog.  The faction consists of a Freebootaz pirate gang that consists of mostly Bad Moons and Blood Axes.

The Freebootaz faction was formed during a WAAAGH!!! under an unknown warboss, during part of the Damocles crusade.  The Warlord was part of the 'Goffs' Klan, but despite the effectiveness of the underlord Smakritz in the campaign, the Goffish tendency to acknowledge only fighty Orks as the right Orkz, he was ill-favoured.  However he was able to convince the tek obsessed Morgitz Nob to break ranks, and launch their own mercenary kompany.

The prospect of not having to share the drudgery that campaigns forced on them was a strong incentive, and the chance to engineer a warmachine from the ground up was a challenge they both cared for.  The constitution of a titanic kill krooza, Deff's 'Ead from existing wreckage & and generators was effected, and an ill timed backstab against their former overlord saw his WAAAGH!!! crippled, and filled the Deff's 'Ead's coffers to overflowing with looted technology and shiny bitz.

Their escape having been made, the newly christened (with good fungus beer) Deff's 'Ead made its way through orkoid space, and quickly negociated participation in another WAAAGH!!!  on the side of the far galactic north of the Segmentum: Ultima.

An Ork WAAAGH!!! had taken to the surface of a Necron War-moon, but found the inhabitants unsuitable opponents.  Despite weeks of shouting and insults, the Necron inhabitants had no allowed themselves to be provoked.  The Deff 'eadz  promised that they would be able to enliven the tomb, and that their would be more than enough loot for all.  Within a short month the genius of Morbitz was able to reactivate the majority of the thinkin' masheenz, and wanton carnage raged through the corridors of the space station.  Only after the complete decimation of the Necron forces have been sealed were the Lord and his council awakened from their slumber; and he was awake only long enough for his head to become a living-trophy of the new lord of Da Bad Moon.  Again the strength of the Deff 'Eadz swelled, and their wealth too.  Bidding adieu to the WAAAGH, they took again to the stars.

Time and time again, over the course of a dozen campaigns the Deff 'Eads thrashed through rank after rank of stretched thin forces.  They took life blood from a thousand different races, across a hundred different soils, making their lowest Nobz buckets full of a teef in a day. The wealth of the Freebootaz became almost too extravagant for their tastes (almost), and the point came where the affluence began to seep into the grotz of highest importance.

Now the Deff 'Eadz roam the galaxy, not in search of wealth, but in search of da 'ardest enemies to crush.  Wherever a Warboss stumbles, they hurtle onto the field, dust him off, and pick up his slack; and a bit of his loot.  They have even worked for meaningless sums, relishing the challenge of a good 'ard scrap, and the chance to try out their latest shootiest konfabrications.

In the simplest form: no warlord, man or elf, is safe from the wrath of the Deff 'Eadz.

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