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So anyways, my group and I rewrote the psychic powers to try to bring them in line with... reason, and this is the rough rough rough version.  I made these a while ago as a shooping excercise to practice for graphic design, normally I would've just spreadsheeted this.

Since I made these we've switched to modifiers for a lot of 40k, such as shooting and armour, and while it didn't make sense thematically before, it does now to instead use modifiers on some of these spells.  That could add nuances we couldn't produce with GW's reroll obsession.  For example anything that grants a reroll like the Divination powers would be changed to linear stats like +1.

As to how these powers work, simply put:
-Each mastery level is 20 points
-A psyker can purchase up to two powers per Mastery level they have
-Each power costs 5 points
-Primaris powers are 10 points, and have TWO powers in each of them, but count as one for number of powers known.  Similar to Eldar powers
-Biomancy is more flexible, and every power is two in one like above, but only the primaris power costs 10 points; the rest of the powers in the discipline are 5 points
-Deny the witch is removed, with the execption that abilites which increase it still work, but at -1


Markus Tertion, a epistolary of the Morthean Avengers chapter has a mastery level of 2, and knows the Inspire Fear/Courage powers from the Telepathy discipline, as well as the dominate power.  The total cost of these two is 15 points.

In the  192.M39, after a period of contemplation of his touching the fell mind of a traitor legionaire, he has come to an understanding of one of his chapter's most ancient prophesies.  This ascension oppened up entire avenues of psychology he explored in the warp, and to represent this enlightenment he gained the use of the 'A little to the left.../...No, to the right' powers from divination.  In the coming trials he would seek to improve his understanding of the Emperor's will, thanfully he still has the capacity to learn another power from divination.

That's all for now, I'll redo these sometime with an updated version.  So far we've enjoyed the results of this system.  A pyromancer 'feels' like a pyromancer with just the primaris power, and a biomancer feels like a biomancer in the same capacity.  It doesn't feel like the psykers are gimmicky 2D entities that are random and barely different than a gun.

In terms of balance, nothing's crept up yet.  The most powers were actually nerfed

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